Gardening Tools that are a "Must!"

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Favorite Garden Tools:

Pruning Shears #6 Felco (Swiss)
Medium size, lighter, ergonomic handles. You’ll never need another pair, unless you lose them. $60

Japanese Pick Mattock (“Cuttlefish Garden Hoe”) One-handed cultivation, weeding, chopping small roots $43 (Garden Tool Co)

Hori-Hori Knife...Weeding, cultivating, cutting, digging
Stainless steel concave blade with sharp and serrated edge One foot long, 7” blade $38

Korean Garden Weeder/Cultivator (Ho Mi)
Blade shaped like a farm plow; great for furrowing, making small trenches, weeding or turning it on its side to level and move soil around
10” long x 7” wide blade $21

Okatsune ShearsNiwaki tools, England
8” blades, wooden handles. Clipping, pruning. Very sharp $80

Garden Apron: waxed canvas, metal grommets, padded shoulder straps Ironwood Tools (also available through The Grommet)
Georgia $40

Spear Head Spade(Invented by 85-year-old Daniel Mathieu with two artificial knees and 2 artificial hips) Designed for digging in compact soil and dividing large plant clumps, but best all-around and durable shovel $35/$54

Garden Sickle...Stainless steel. Cuts grasses, perennials $25 (Natureworks in North Branford)

Check out these sites for tools: Garden Tool Company (England); Lee Valley Tools (Canada);

Fiskars or locally: Natureworks, Balleks (East Haddam)

December 2021

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