iCRVradio is an internet radio station founded to facilitate discovery and commerce in the Lower Connecticut River Valley. 

With its streaming audio, web, and mobile platforms, the station activates its “Discover. Do. Share.sm” mission by introducing consumers to the wide variety of activities, events, clubs, and merchants that make our part of the world so special.

We are a full-time, real-time radio station on the web with live content, call-ins, interviews and much, much more. It’s just like a real radio station – just connected through the web or mobile devices.

We also have the website, which is really a web portal as it has so many content verticals, where deeper information can be found along with directories, polls, surveys, event calendars, club listings and great discounts and coupons.

And then there is the mobile app, providing an immediacy and access wherever the consumer might be. Plus special offers from our merchant partners.